Thursday, 21 July 2016

Fighting Fruit-flies and making Bait Stations

Organic gardening is not for the faint hearted because pests and diseases are ruthless when it comes to infesting fruit. I am tired of losing complete crops to fruit-fly infestation. I have studied their life-cycle in order to plan how best to fight them.

Equipment to make the bait stations
I decided to start fighting them in winter by making bait stations and hanging them in the trees after pruning. I found the recipes for different mixes of bait to lure them to their death.

Bait stations with their handles for hanging in the trees
I collected the plastic bottles, made four 6 to 8 mm holes on the shoulders and put a wire handle through the neck of the bottle.

The entry holes for the flies 
I was impressed with my battery of bait stations that stood on the table in the garden shed waiting to be deployed.

A gardener never stops learning and I hope that this time I have found a solution for one of my biggest gardening headaches.


  1. Let us know what bait recipe you have come up with.

    1. Thank you for your interest. I will share the recipes in a follow up blog post.


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