Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The beauty of running errands

Opening the shutters of the big double doors on Saturday mornings brings a sense of anticipation. The first view of the garden is always different. With new light, the garden is constantly changing adding new colours and textures.

The joy of a garden goes hand in hand with the work that goes into its creating. Saturday morning started with the cooling fan of the irrigation pump that needed replacing. We are not complaining because it served us very well for more than 20 years.

With the fragile fan in a container, I headed off to Robertson in the hope that I would find a replacement. I took the fan with, although I thought I had taken enough photographs of the pump with the fan, the pump without the fan and the fan on its own. Finding the right part is always easier if one has the original as a sample.

The early morning drive through the valley became less of an errand and more of a soul-restoring drive. Driving through the vineyards and orchards lifted my spirits. Although the broken fan was an inconvenience, it offered me the opportunity to enjoy a drive through the valley.

Over the years the vineyards have crawled up the mountain slopes. Hiding behind hills where the temperature is just right for that specific cultivar. New grape cultivars are introduced into the valley making for some exciting wines. Broadening the available range at estate cellars.

The magnificent mountains form a dramatic back-drop to the sprawling vineyards and orchards. Most of the old fruit orchards are being replaced by espaliered orchards. But, there are enough old orchards to lend the valley its particular charm.

The irrigation store was an experience. As usual, I enjoy browsing and looking at what is available. I am like a child in a candy store. The possibilities of what one can do with the equipment that is available are endless. I had to stop myself from re-designing the irrigation system in the garden. I focused on the task at hand, and was lucky enough that they had one single replacement fan in stock.

Driving back to Towerwater, I allowed myself to enjoy the beauty of the valley. Not even the stop and go’s at the road construction works could spoil that drive for me.

The rose-lined avenues at De Wetshof are breath-taking. The valley is covered in a green patchwork of early summer vineyards and orchards that are vibrant against the dark-etched mountains. It is a privilege to live in such a beautiful place, where running errands becomes a visual joy.

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  1. The rose avenue is a spectacle. Hardly anyone can drive by without having to stop to take it in. Thanks for sharing these "random acts of beauty".


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