Thursday, 4 August 2016

The anatomy of a BW van Dyk dining chair

Side-profile of BW van Dyk dining chair
Rear profile of the dining chair
Profile of the spindle rack in the back-rest of the chair
Close up view of the hand-turned spindles
Close-up view of an individual spindle showing detail
Top profile of finishing detail on back post and top rail
Top profile of the stylised S shape in the top rail end-finishing 
Profile detail of front leg turning
Profile of top of the front leg
Profile of seat frame and rear post
A bee inspects the joinery
Profile of leather seat thongs and threading holes in the seat
Full seat profile typical of the second half of the 19th Century
Close-up of the maker's stamp on the rear seat rail
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  2. It is not so easy to determine the price of antique furniture. There are several factors that affect the value of antique furniture. Most important among these are the condition, age, history and rarity of the piece. Who made the furniture, and in what style and era? Does it have an interesting history, and is it free from nicks, scratches and other damage? Does it have extensive repairs and how sensitive was the repairs done? Please email me with a photo of the chair.


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