Thursday, 29 September 2016

And so the sowing started

The busy season in the garden has officially started. Mealies, white and purple brinjals, butternut and gem squash are among the first sowings. From now on it will be harvesting and planting. The cabbages are ready for harvesting and we will need to see what the potatoes have done underground.

The celery, Swiss chard, spinach and leeks are producing a constant supply of greens for the table. With young carrots and beets producing some fresh young vegetables, the Wolff boys were in their element when they visited on Sunday morning. Oscar, the oldest of the brothers, went to the carrot bed and announced that “carrots are my favourite”. We found some nice big carrots. I think half of the enjoyment of the carrots is the act of pulling it out of the ground. After the carrots were rinsed the boys could enjoy some healthy organic snacks.

The yellow Clivia is flowering and is brightening up a shady spot near to where the azaleas have started to flower. For some reason the bees were enjoying the green lavender bush. I suppose it is because the rocket is now going to seed.  Next week I need to sow a new crop of rocket, lettuce and coriander.

The bank next to the canal that was cleaned during the week is a real pleasure. I asked that this be done after months of watching some of the weeds grow to hip height.

On the lawn a nasturtium has decided to take over the bay tree. The bay tree is now in flower with big bright orange flowers. Nature is doing what nature does best.

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  1. Love the festive bay tree and the azaleas. Thanks for this post.


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