Thursday, 22 June 2017

Quince cordial and sorbet

The abundant harvest of quinces brought with it the luxury of experimenting with different ways of using them. I made a quince cordial. It does not only look beautiful, but is also a surprise on the palate, like a sweet memory of autumn.

The taste reminded me of the quince slices preserved in syrup and dished up with luxurious servings of homemade custard. The cordial tastes like the preserve before one adds the custard. It is a flavourful drink to serve with lunches on the lawn in the pale winter sun. 

The other delicacy I could make with them is a quince sorbet, with its exotic taste and colour. This year my experience of the different fruit and their uses, expanded opportunities for very brave experimentation in terms of use and preparation. All to the delight of guests keen to partake of the delicacies of the garden.

It is a luxury to offer the joys of Towerwater in jugs, bowls and on plates. One gets the opportunity to taste the seasons through the prepared fruit that graced the orchard throughout the year.

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  1. Thanks for these lesser known uses of the Quince. It allows for the full use of the crop in a wide variety of preparations with minimal wastage. Well done.


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