Monday, 7 May 2018

Transitional season

As we transition from summer to winter, the crisp mornings turn to balmy afternoons on the leaf-strewn lawn. A different energy abides the days at Towerwater. Where we are packing up the summer garden into bags of leaves destined for the compost bins.

The dried wormwood and coriander seeds are packed into containers. With the bitter sweet fragrance of the wormwood mingling with the spicy aromas of the coriander. The summer garden is being preserved in the dried offerings of the garden. Offerings that will end up in stews and experimental bitters.

Golden beetroot
Pear cobbler
A final picking of golden beetroot, adds a glint of summer to autumn salads. The last of the pears end up in a spicy cobbler for dessert. I pressed the last bowl of Hanepoot grapes. Using the juice to replace the sugar in our Caipirinhas, it adds a glimpse of summer to autumn sunsets.

White guavas
The quinces and guavas look as though they will last into early winter. While the brinjals are still producing enough fruit to fill a grid to grill over an open fire. Behind the cottage, the granadilla vine has started producing its fruit again.

Roasted brinjals
Sweet potatoes
The bed of sweet potatoes indicated that they were ready for harvesting. The potatoes pushing up and out of the soil. It is the normal rhythm of a productive garden. Drying herbs, catching seeds and harvesting fruit and vegetables.

It seems strange to plan the next season while the previous season is still so present. Soon we will be pruning. The once lush green garden, will resemble a monochrome landscape. Mostly devoid of leaves.

With the oaks going into rest, their brown leaves are a constant companion. I find them breezing into the library and lounge, layering the lawn. Some even adding to the salad being enjoyed al fresco on the lawn. I love the oak leaves. The fact that they are so deliberately autumn. There is no chance of missing this transitional season.


  1. Dis altyd so lekker om jou blog te lees. Dit neem my terug na my plaas lewe en seisoene met sy veranderinge
    En verassings! Heerlik ! Baie dankie.

  2. Dankie Ann, ek is bly jy geniet dit. Ek waardeer die terugvoer.

  3. Changing seasons can be so dramatic in the country and almost unnoticed in the city. Thanks for capturing this natural drama so beautifully.


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