Thursday, 13 October 2016

In Chloris’s footsteps

Early mornings in the rosarium feels mythical and the cool dew seems to amplify the colour of the magical roses. And looking at the delicate beauty of the flowers it is as if Chloris the Greek goddess of flowers and springtime just breathed life into some mythical creatures of the garden.

With my camera I can capture the silk and velvet rose petals encrusted with dewy jewels.

Note: In Greek mythology there is the tale of Chloris, goddess of flowers and springtime who was out walking early one morning when she stumbled upon the lifeless body of a woodland nymph. Saddened by the innocent creature’s fate, Chloris decided to breathe life anew, transforming the nymph’s body into a flower. She called out to Zephyrus, husband and keeper of the west wind, asking him to blow away the clouds in the sky so that Apollo might allow the sun to cast down its warming rays. To this, Aphrodite would add beauty, and Dionysus a nectar of intoxicating aroma… the three Graces further bestowing upon the blossom the gifts of charm, joy, and splendor. All agreed it was the most spectacular of flowers, truly “The Queen of Flowers.” Aphrodite named the flower Rose.  Source:

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