Thursday, 25 May 2017

Still life with quince and pomegranates

In my research, I include old paintings and drawings for visual information on historical buildings, plants and food. When I research food, fruit and vegetables, I like to study the works of early artists. Where the still-life was painted, is good indication of where the fruit grew. I enjoy the old masters and their interpretation of life around them.

Still life with pomegranate and quince - Towerwater
I found that the quince and the pomegranate were painted by a couple of the old masters around the Mediterranean area. I can safely rely on the artist painting from life and creating the still-life subject in close proximity to where the plants, fruit or vegetables had grown.

Still Life with Pomegranates and other fruit in a Landscape by Luis Egidio Melendez(1716-1780), oil on canvas, 1771, Museo del Prado,Madrid,Spain.  

Still life with pomegranate and other fruit - Towerwater

A still life with quinces, figs, apples, grapes and a pomegranate - Roman School, 17th Century

Still life with pomegranate and quince and other fruit - Towerwater
Pomegranates and Other Fruit in a Landscape - Abraham Brueghel (Flemish, 1631–1697) . Painted in Rome or Naples (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Still life with pomegranates - Pierre-Auguste Renoir. 1893 (


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