Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Haiku for a winter rose garden

The pruning of the rose bushes and fruit trees at Towerwater happened much later than we had anticipated. We knew that we would have to hit the ground running with the pruning as soon as we had arrived back in South Africa after five weeks in Europe.

We planned the trip to return a week later than we would normally start the pruning in July. The idea was to start the pruning over the last weekend in July and that Fungai would continue during the ensuing week. Unfortunately Fungai fell ill while we were in Europe and had to be hospitalised.

Fungai is now fortunately out of hospital and getting better but his recovery will be a slow one. We are back to doing all the work ourselves. Weekends have become very full and busy.

We were relieved to learn in the latest newsletter from a local rose grower, that they have also delayed their pruning this year. The universe once again looked out for us and slowed the plants down.

Now we can stand back as all the pruning is complete. All that remains is for the roses to be fed and composted and they will be ready for spring.

The garden looks clean and under control again. Slowly but surely we are getting up to date with the garden tasks.

Haiku for a winter rose garden

stark cold branches
monochrome memories of pruning
the beauty of winter

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  1. I love the excited sense of anticipation in a freshly pruned rose garden. Lovely post.


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