Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The luxury of water

With the Zanddrift canal bordering our property we have access to leiwater (irrigation water). Although we have water restrictions, the gardens have not been adversely affected. We can still come home feeling as if we are stepping into an enchanted oasis, perfectly curated by Fungai.

The rosarium is exploding with blooms. With Wedding- and Cherry Garland adding height on the parking terrace, Veilchenblau is outperforming itself where it introduces visitors to the rosarium and the garden.

The bed of narcissus has been cut back and the white stones are back under the oak for the summer-look of the parking terrace.

The cabbages are still producing and although eaten by snails, we are still able to pick enough for coleslaw, ‘oumens onder die kombers’ (meatballs in cabbage leaves on a bed of smoored tomatoes and onions) and sauerkraut.

With the last harvest of grenadillas, I was able to freeze enough pulp for sorbet in summer. Although I worry about the performance of some of the seedlings and the damage caused by marauding snails, I still enjoy the potential of surprise as I relentlessly sow and plant to outdo the pests and diseases.

Everything that happens in the garden is thanks to the luxury of the water from the Zanddrift canal that flows silently past the property. As it does so, it gives life to a valley that was only good for stock grazing some 100 years ago.

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  1. Veilchenblau's exhuberance is a breathtaking joy. Thanks to Gail for introducing us to this wonderful rose.


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